For Sabine und Siegfried Able, their life as restaurant entrpreneurs is more than just business: it's a passion. The native Munich couple entered the industry in 1982, operating a catering outlet at the Munich Six-Day Cycling Race in the Olympic Hall. Over the years they have run eight catering businesses in Munich. In an interview, the restaurateurs talk about their new showpiece – the Marstall tent at the Munich Oktoberfest.
What can guests look forward to in the Marstall?
How do you prepare yourselfs for 16 days as Oktoberfest hosts?
Siegfried Able: The decor in the Marstall was created with a meticulous eye for detail, which creates a very special atmosphere. In fact, the Marstall is more like a permanent restaurant than a tent – there's no provisional or temporary feel to it at all.

Sabine Able: When we created the design, we took our inspiration from the magnificent old tents that were set up at the original Oktoberfest events in the early 19th century.
So what's so special about the Marstall?
Siegfried Able: The Marstall presents a whole new environment, featuring high-class cuisine, the best in warm and welcoming service and a unique celebratory atmosphere.
Your whole family is kept busy at the Oktoberfest. Do you have any spare time to enjoy the celebrations?
Siegfried Able: We're doing as much as we can in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the Oktoberfest.

Sabine Able: A healthy diet, sport and exercise are also important, to help us start the Oktoberfest with our batteries fully charged. And we're very lucky that the family all pull together during the event itself.
Sabine Able: Not at all. While the festival is on, we all work late into the night. But we have one important custom: every morning the whole family meets at the Oktoberfest and has breakfast together, to get the day off to a relaxed start. We've always done this; it's a family tradition.
What's your recommendation for visitors to the Oktoberfest? What's your absolute must-see?
Sabine Able: Take a stroll around the festival grounds – preferably in the morning, when the whole fair is waking up and there isn't so much going on. That's when you'll be able to capture the whole variety and diversity of the Oktoberfest .

Siegfried Able: And afterwards, stop by at the Marstall for a cool beer and a hearty snack!
Siegfried Able: … Beer without a head.

Sabine Able: ... or like the sky without the sun.
In your opinion, Munich without the Oktoberfest would be like…