What an honour! Described as “the world's most popular Oktoberfest band”, Münchner Zwietracht is sure to whip up a party atmosphere in the Marstall. We're sure that our guests will love their well-known hits, including ‘Viva Bavaria’, ‘Weißwurst – Ich liebe dich’, ‘Juche auf der hohen Alm’ and ‘Moos hamma’.
Just one year after their formation in 1991, the six likeable lads from Bavaria toured with stars from Germany's Alpine-inspired popular music scene. Karl Moik, Patrick Lindner and Maria Hellwig were all quick to spot the musical potential of Münchner Zwietracht. They took the Munich Oktoberfest by storm in 1997 and entered three major music competitions: the Eurovision Song Contest, and the German-speaking musical entertainment events ‘Grand Prix der Volksmusik’ and ‘Grand Prix der Guten Laune’. To celebrate the 850th anniversary of Munich's foundation, the band even wrote a song extolling the virtues of their home city, ‘I mag München’. And you don't have to be from Munich to be a fan of Münchner Zwietracht, as their successful tours of the USA, Mexico, Korea and Brazil prove.


DIE OBERBAYERN fascinate with their perfect mixture of party, concert and entertainment. Bavarian folk music titles are presented just as authentically, as rousing hits from soul pop and rock and of course all important Oktoberfest classics.
DIE OBERBAYERN have been a fixture worldwide since 2010 at many parties and Oktoberfest festivals, from Zurich to Dusseldorf, from Bombay to Helsinki.
At the MARSTALL Festzelt they are on stage every day from noon on and provide a good atmosphere.

DIE OBERBAYERN Oktoberfest-Partyband introduces itself:

Ingo Sandhofen: bandleader, guitar, fiddle and vocals
Florian Jechlinger: trumpet
Max Sonnabend: drums
Bernhard Ulrich: clarinet, tenor saxophone
Paul Tietze: bass, vocals
Peter Papritz: keyboard, accordion, lead vocals
Gladys Mwachiti: vocals